Sunday, December 7, 2008

the word i

i am alone in the moon's pitch dark
standing so long over a withered trunk
feeling so hopeless for the spring to come
no wonder how i became a claimed damn

the crows cry out their heart in the graveyard
the cold wind blew his spirit for safeguard
the roar projects sadness and discomfort
just like my soul that weeps back and forth

the autumn in my heart that i have kept
that scythes my vitality to pieces
will i find the perplex that i have left?
or its lost forever down in my chest

i am weird, lonely, sober and emo
smiling and laughing with the stars in glow
the footsteps from that old and rusty gate
makes me feel sorrowful and desolated

i smile so big to cover up the pain
that protects the weakness that in me dwells
i closed my eyes for my tears to be in veil
to control my love and wrath distinct twain

i gather the branches soiled in the floor
instead of mellow leaves there in at pour
i cried for help there in the horizon
but no one could hear ' coz i'm all alone

i cry myself to sleep at the moment
for i'm a victim of my own sadness
no one was there and that's forever meant
a poor shadow that is about to rest

if only i could yield myself to scream
silent voices dying deep down in my heart
the great woe in my soul will never part
'coz grief's been there and forever it seems

the growl of a bleeding heart that i possess
the angst of the empty sound that make me bless
it's the sweetest melody of my rest
for it's there all along to be my guest